About Us - GuardaVent, Childproof Vent Covers for the Home

Hi, I’m Michele - a mom of two from Northern Alberta, Canada.  
The Karymi Company name (pronounced carry-me) comes from a mesh of my families names; Kari, Kasey, Ryder & Michele.  Kari is my husband, and Ryder and Kasey are my adorable kids!
Karymi Family           Curious Toddler Getting Into Trouble

Here in Canada and in many parts of the USA, we have a lot of floor vents in our homes.  We need need them to keep our homes warm during the 6-8 month long winters!  But there’s a fundamental problem with the ones we are currently supplied with - they are not attached to the floor - and this makes them kid magnets.  
I remember being fascinated by the vents when I was a kid.  We put crayons down them and came back later to see if they melted.  Or we put cars and other things down them, just to see what would happen I guess?  I’m sure it drove my parents crazy (times five because that’s how many kids they had).  Then I totally forgot about it until I had kids. 
With this being the age of online shopping and endless products made to make our lives easier, I naturally looked to the internet for a childproof vent cover the first time my 7 month old who had just learned to crawl, pulled one of ours off. Once he found it, he kept going back for more.  And when the answer I wanted couldn’t be found on Amazon and delivered to my door - the wheels in my brain started turning - and GuardaVent was created!
I know GuardaVent is a great product, and it will keep our children and homes safe.  I love that unlike most other childproofing products, you won't end up removing it and throwing it away - like a doorknob cover or drawer locks - a GuardaVent cover will stay in your floor forever.  It also gives a home a smoother, finished feel when you have coverings that stay put.  Ceiling and wall vent covers are secured, so why not floor vent covers too?
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My message for parents and caregivers is that it's ok to need help, it's ok to struggle, and it's ok to have fun!  There is no one right way to parent, we are all just doing the best we can in this crazy world.