Our Promise: Guilt Free Childproof Vent Covers For All

Our brand stands on four main pillars:

Community - We will always be straightforward, honest and real with our customers. Parenting should be fun, but it is not always easy - and we want parents to feel safe and accepted in our community.

Family - We creates this product for families to help parents keep their kids safe and the vents free of debris that has potential dangers.

Sustainability - We use sustainable material for our product and packaging.  We believe strongly in treating the Earth with respect so that it will still be beautiful for our children.  We are also very proud to be able to say that our covers are made and packaged exclusively in Canada and not overseas. 

Beauty In The Home - These days we are spending a lot more time at home.  We designed our vent covers to look like any other plastic vent cover you can buy, and they come in 3 different colours to match flooring and décor so your home stays beautiful, clean and safe!