• Step 1: Remove old vent covers

    Take off the old covers, pull out the toys you can reach, and pull out any nails in the sheet metal that might be in the way of where your screws will go.

  • Step 2: Install GuardaVent covers (screws included)

    GuardaVent screws into the inside of the vent to attach, so there is no damage to the finished flooring. Screws are provided! Watch the full installation video HERE.

  • Step 3: Close the lid and enjoy!

    You will hear the satisfying sound of the tabs snapping into place that will keep the babies out of the vents - now your can enjoy a safer home and keep your toys and valuable above ground!

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Quick & Easy Installation (screws included!)

GuardaVent has your vents covered

GuardaVent is the only vent cover that attaches to the floor and protects against the sharp sheet metal & screws that are exposed when a cover is removed, so you can confidently let the kids play without worrying about injuries or losing large objects down the vents.

Plus - it doesn't damage your flooring!

Invented by a mom of 2, and made in Canada 🇨🇦❤️

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Imagine The Relief!

As one of our satisfied customers put it:

“Can you even imagine the relief of knowing your kid can no longer stuff anything and everything down the vents?”

No other vent covers will provide this relief and be this easy to install without having to damage the floors or resort to ugly tape.

Try GuardaVent today and enjoy the benefits of a plastic vent cover that stays in the floor.

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No More Vent Trouble!

free shipping on orders over $80 (in Canada)

Want Free Shipping?

We get it - buying all this kid stuff is expensive, so we will take care of the shipping costs when you spend $80 or more to make your life easier, and keep your family safe.

(for orders shipped in Canada only)

You had me at FREE SHIPPING

Because we can't be there every second, and GuardaVent can.

Parents and caregivers need a minute sometimes - and that's ok! Now you have one more way to protect your littles against the trouble they always seem to find in that minute.

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Karymi is proud to be sponsoring the 2023 Grande Prairie Rotary Dream Home!

GuardaVent covers are featured throughout the 2023 Dream Home in Grande Prairie and we couldn't be more excited for people to see!

Learn more about this lottery, the other sponsors, the charities it supports, and get your tickets today.

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