It’s a vent cover, but better!

GuardaVent is the only vent cover that stays in the floor and still allows easy access to clean or do maintenance, plus - it doesn't damage your flooring!

Whether you are trying to keep small hands out of the vents, or you are doing home renos and want to update your vent covers - GuardaVent will work for you!

Invented by a mom and made in Canada 🇨🇦❤️

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GuardaVent makes life easier for parents and safer for kids

By attaching to the floor without leaving any damage, and locking in place when closed, GuardaVent stays in the floor and can't be opened by small hands.

GuardaVent officially launched in October 2021, and parents are already loving that they never have to worry about open vents in the house anymore.

We think you'll love it too.

GuardaVent is a plastic vent cover that is made in Canada from high quality ABS plastic, is non-toxic, durable and looks great in any floor.

I've been looking for these!

No More Vent Trouble!

free shipping on orders over $80 (in Canada)

Want Free Shipping?

We get it - buying all this kid stuff is expensive, so we will take care of the shipping costs when you spend $80 or more on our vent covers or soothers.*

*For orders shipped in Canada only

You had me at FREE SHIPPING

Imagine The Relief!

As one of our happy customers put it:

“Can you even imagine the relief of knowing your kid can no longer stuff anything and everything down the vents?”

No other vent covers will provide this relief and be this easy to install without damaging floors.

Try GuardaVent today and enjoy the benefits of a plastic vent cover that stays in the floor.

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Quick & Easy Installation (screws included!)

GuardaVent provides safety and security in any room where your baby lives & plays

And checks all the boxes for what you want in a plastic vent cover!

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Because we can't be there every second, but GuardaVent can.

Parents and caregivers need a minute sometimes - and that's ok! Now you have one more way to protect your littles against the trouble they always seem to find in that minute.

Grab a 2-Pack!
  • SAFE

    GuardaVent protects against the hazards of an open floor vent like sharp screws, sheet metal edges, trips and falls, and prevents large objects from blocking ducts and creating a fire hazard.

  • Childproof Babyproof Vent Cover Registers


    GuardaVent stays in place by easily screwing in the subfloor on the inside of the vent, so there is no damage to the flooring. Screws are provided!


    GuardaVent covers open and close for easy access to clean and maintain the vents, but you won't have to worry about digging larger objects out of them anymore!


    The only way to open a GuardaVent cover is to simultaneously pull back on two tabs at the same time. This is extremely hard for a small child with no hand eye coordination or finger dexterity.


    For some of us, our pets are part of the family too - and can get into just as much trouble as kids! 
    GuardaVent will keep everyone in the family safe and protected from open floor vents.


    GuardaVent is an overall BETTER vent cover because it stays in the floor, protects your hvac system, and it gives your home a more finished feel when finishings are securely attached.

    LIfe happens, but you can stay one step ahead with secured vent covers. Ceiling and wall vent covers are screwed in, so why not floor vent covers too?

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