It's a Vent Cover, but Better!

A functionable & fashionable childproof floor vent cover for your home that stays in the floor with a lid that locks!

Secure your vents, secure your peace of mind with GuardaVent.

Made in Canada childproof vent covers that make your life easier and your home safer.

Made from high quality plastic and manufactured in Ontario, Canada.




3"x10" & 4"x10" Vent Openings


  • childproof vent cover floor register for air vents

    Step 1: Remove old vent covers

    Take off the old covers, clean the vents out, and pull out any nails in the sheet metal that might be in the way of where your screws will go. Now throw away the old vent covers and move to step 2.

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  • Step 2: Install GuardaVent covers (screws included)

    GuardaVent screws into the inside of the vent to attach to the subfloor, so there is no damage to the finished flooring. You just need a drill and #2 Phillips bit - Screws are provided!

    Watch the full installation video HERE.

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  • childproof vent cover floor register for air vents

    Step 3: Close the lid and relax!

    When you close the lid you will hear the satisfying sound of the tabs snapping into place - Now you can enjoy peace of mind in a safer home and keep your toys and valuable above ground!

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Quick & Easy Installation (screws included!)

No More Vent Trouble!

childproof vent cover floor register for air vents

Invented by a Mom ❤️

Both my kids removed the vent covers in our home, and both of them got injured by the sharp screws sticking out when they put their little arms down the vent to pull out the toys they dropped inside.

I searched online for a childproof vent cover, but didn't find anything that would work for me.

I knew there could be a better way to make the vents safe, so I decided to design and manufacture my own vent cover!

  • New Patent Pending Features

    GuardaVent's patent pending features give it all the function of a vent cover, without any of the flaws! There hasn't been an update to the vent cover design in years. Regular plastic and metal covers have flaws that just don't work in a home with small kids. Upgrade to GuardaVent and enjoy the benefits of a plastic vent cover that stays in the floor!

  • Safe, Easy, Childproof

    GuardaVent is the only vent cover that attaches to the floor and protects against the sharp sheet metal & screws that are exposed when a cover is removed, so you can confidently let the kids play without worrying about injuries or losing large objects down the vents.

    Plus - it doesn't damage your flooring!

  • Measure for the right fit!

    GuardaVent covers come in ONE SIZE that fits 2 sizes of vent openings. Measure carefully before ordering to avoid the hassle of returns.

    It's important to measure the size of the vent opening and not the size of the current vent covers so there are no discrepancies.

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Free Shipping

Kids are expensive, I get it. I KNOW you don't want to spend more money on random stuff, but replacing your old, worn out, broken, and unsafe vent covers is a good investment!

GuardaVent covers are made to last, and could very well be the last vent covers you ever buy.

To make it easier, when you spend $72 or more you will get FREE SHIPPING.

You had me at FREE SHIPPING

All your questions anwered


Will this work for pets?

Yes!  It might even work for some adults...But seriously, once a GuardaVent cover is secured to the floor with the screws we provide, a pet will not be able to remove it or lift the tabs to open it at all.

How do I know what size I need?

GuardaVent comes in one size that fits 3"x10" or 4"x10" vent openings.

Before you order please measure the size of the vent opening in your floor, not your current vent cover.  If it is at least 3"x10" and less than 4.5"x10", these vent covers should fit!

These cost more than many of the plastic vent covers at the store - are they really worth it?

There is no other vent cover that will do what Guardavent does. I know, I've looked.

Because of all the moving parts needed to make it childproof, it costs more to make, packages, and screws area included! 

I also designed, patented, and manufacture this product myself as small business, I am not a large company or a big box store.

I'm worried my toddler will still be able to open this!?

The plastic we use is very strong, and the two tabs that need to be pulled back to open the lid are very small and hard for small fingers to grasp. We also find that once a baby or toddler realizes that it's not an easy things to grab and run with, they very quickly will move on and forget about it!

What is it made out of?

GuardaVent covers are made out of high quality ABS plastic, and manufactured in Ontario, Canada!