Finally a vent cover that stays where it belongs - in the floor.

Infographic showing the features of a childproof vent cover: Locks in place when closed, adjustable airflow, made from lightweight durable plastic, attaches to the vent with no damage to flooring.

GuardaVent does what other vent covers can't:

-Protects against injuries caused by open vents

-Keeps large objects out of the HVAC system

-Offers all the benefits of a vent cover, plus peace of mind.

I Need This In My Life!

Installation Video:

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  • White Vent Cover in the floor. Babyproof Childproof Floor Vent Covers/Registers - Fits 3"x10" and 4"x10" vent openings - GuardaVent by Karymi

    Protects against injuries from open vents

    When a vent cover gets removed, it exposes sharp screws, sharp sheet metal, and creates a tripping hazard. GuardaVent prioritizes the safety of your loved ones (pets included!) with childproof vent covers designed to be easy to install by attaching to the floor without damaging the flooring.

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  • childproof babyproof vent cover floor register for air vents before with items in the vent and after with a closed, locked vent.

    Keeps large objects out of the vents

    A vent cover that can be removed becomes a magnet for mischief as soon as babies can crawl. I've heard from many parents who have found plenty of toys, food, and other surprises in the vents. Large objects lodged in the vent can potentially mess with your whole HVAC system which can be expensive to fix. With GuardaVent installed, those worries are long gone!

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  • Baby crawling on the floor advertising childproof vent covers

    Gives you peace of mind in rooms where kids play

    It only takes a second for babies to get themselves into all kinds of trouble! Why not take all the help you can get and install a childproof vent cover in any room your kids play, so you can give them the space to explore on their own without you having to worry about injuries or lost items in the vents?

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Five childproof vent covers lined up showing different colours: black, brown, tan, grey, white

Colour options to match your homes aesthetic.

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  • Throwing old vent covers in to the garbage before installing childproof vent covers

    Step 1: Remove old vent covers

    Remove the old covers, clean the vents out, and pull out any nails in the sheet metal that might be in the way of where your screws will go. Now you can throw away the old vent covers and move to step 2.

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  • man with drill installing a Childproof Babyproof air vent cover

    Step 2: Install GuardaVent covers (screws included)

    GuardaVent screws into the inside of the vent to attach to the subfloor, so there is no damage to the finished flooring. You just need a drill and #2 Phillips bit - Screws are provided!

    (full install video below)

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  • white childproof vent cover floor register for air vents in a wood floor

    Step 3: Close the lid and relax!

    When you close the lid you will hear the satisfying sound of the childproof tabs snapping into place - Now you can enjoy peace of mind in a safer home and keep your toys and valuables above ground!

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founder michele posing in front of a Childproof babyproof floor vent covers at the Grande Prairie Rotary Dream home

Invented by a Mom ❤️

After searching the internet & hardware stores for a child proof vent cover, Michele didn't find anything that came ready to use and wouldn't damage the flooring.

So she designed, patented and manufactures GuardaVent herself - and the rest is herstory!

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All your questions anwered


children playing with blocks advertising childproof babyproof floor vent covers

Will this work for pets?

Yes!  It might even work for some adults...But seriously, once a GuardaVent cover is secured to the floor with the screws we provide, a pet will not be able to remove it or lift the tabs to open it at all.

How do I know what size I need?

GuardaVent comes in one size that fits 3"x10" or 4"x10" vent openings.

Before you order please measure the size of the vent opening in your floor, not your current vent cover.  If it is at least 3"x10" and less than 4.5"x10", these vent covers should fit!

Is the price really worth it?

There is no other vent cover that will do what Guardavent does. I know, I've looked.

Because of all the moving parts needed to make it childproof, it costs more to make, packages, and screws area included! 

I also designed, patented, and manufacture this product myself as small business, I am not a large company or a big box store.

What is it made out of?

GuardaVent covers are made out of high quality ABS plastic, and manufactured in Ontario, Canada!

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