Childproof Vent Covers - Made In Canada

Made by a parent, for parents and caregivers everywhere. GuardaVent is easy to install, doesn’t damage flooring, prevents injuries and blocked vents, it can still be opened and closed for access (by an adult), and comes in 4 different colors to match home your homes unique style!

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  • SAFE

    GuardaVent protects against the hazards of an open floor vent like sharp screws, sheet metal edges, trips and falls, and prevents large objects from blocking ducts and creating a fire hazard.

  • EASY

    GuardaVent stays in place by easily screwing in the subfloor on the inside of the vent, so there is no damage to the flooring. Screws are provided!


    GuardaVent covers open and close for easy access to clean and maintain the vents, but you won't have to worry about digging larger objects out of them anymore!


    The only way to open a GuardaVent cover is to simultaneously pull back on two tabs at the same time. This is extremely hard for a small child with no hand eye coordination or finger dexterity.

  • GuardaVent is perfect for pet parents too!

    For some of us, our pets are part of the family too - and can get into just as much trouble as kids! GuardaVent will keep everyone in the family safe and happy.

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Meet the Inventor

Meet the Inventor: Michele

Hi! As a mom of two curious kids who both played with the vent covers, the lack of an easy solution to prevent this didn’t sit right with me. So I invented GuardaVent - an innovative floor vent cover for your home. Made by a parent, for parents and caregivers everywhere.

GuardaVent is my original design, patent pending product, and is manufactured right here in Canada!

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