Things to know about the GuardaVent brand

What I believe in as a person, I make sure my business operates the same way.

Community - We will always be straightforward, honest and real with our customers. Parenting is not always easy - and I want parents to feel safe and accepted in this online community.  If you are a parent who sees the value in childproofing the vents with a GuardaVent vent cover, we are so happy to have you here!

Sustainability - We use minimal packaging and material that is recycled or recyclable whenever possible.  We believe strongly in treating the Earth with respect so that it will still be beautiful for our children.  We are also very proud to be able to say that our childproof vent covers are made in Ontario, Canada and not overseas.  We also use Shopify's Planet App to give a portion of all our sales to offsetting carbon emissions!  GuardaVent childproof vent covers ship all over North America so we felt it was important to offset the emissions that those deliveries cause.

A Safe Home Can Still Be Beautiful - We designed our childproof vent covers to look like any other plastic vent cover you can buy, and they come in different colours to match different flooring and home finishes so your home stays beautiful, clean and most importantly, safe!  They don't need to be removed when kids outgrow the curiosity stage either, they can stay in the floor and cover your vents safely forever!

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