Childproof Vent Covers - Made In Canada

Karymi Company is owned 100% by myself, an elder millennial, Canadian woman.  I use an amazing manufacturer in Ontario and I ship all the orders personally from Grande Prairie, AB. Keeping this a truly Canadian venture was important to me, and I'm so happy I was able to accomplish that.

Our one of a kind childproof vent covers are different from anything you will find in stores - We offer the best product that your hard earned money can buy.  Our product is made from high quality ABS plastic, it is very sturdy, and it's something you can feel good about when you see it in your homes.  We chose to use options in our manufacturing and distribution that align with what we are all about: supporting local and ensuring the best quality!

We think it's worth it, and we hope our customers do too.

  • Karymi Company Ltd. is proudly owned and operated in Grande Prairie, AB, Canada and our vent covers are manufactured in Ontario.
  • All our packaging materials are made from earth friendly products, so your purchase helps keep materials that are harmful to the earth out of landfills and oceans.

    When you purchase a childproof GuardaVent cover you are supporting Canadian businesses, you are making an eco-friendly purchase, you will keep kids and pets out of harms way, and you will keep objects out of your vents that could be damaging to the homes HVAC system.  It's really a win-win-win-win!