1. Will this work for pets?

Yes!  It might even work for some adults...once a GuardaVent cover is secured to the floor with the screws we provide, a pet will definitely not be able to lift the tabs to open it at all.

2. How do I know what size I need?

You need to measure the size of the vent opening in the floor.  If it is at least 3"x10" and less than 4.5"x10", these vent covers should fit!

3. These cost more than many of the plastic vent covers at the store - are they really worth it?

Yes, it's worth it!  There is no other vent cover that will do what this one does.  Because of all the moving parts needed to make it childproof, it costs more to manufacture.  I also designed, patented, and manufacture this product myself as small business, I am not backed by a big company or any big box stores. 

4. I'm worried my toddler will still be able to open this!?

The plastic we use is very strong, and the two tabs that need to be pulled back to open the lid are very small and hard for small fingers to grasp. We also find that once a baby or toddler realizes that it's not an easy things to grab and run with, they very quickly will move on and forget about it!

5. How is this different than vent covers currently available?

Most vent covers on the market don't have built in holes for attaching to the floor, and the ones that do are meant for ceilings, so they will direct you to screw into your finished flooring.

GuardaVent screws into the inside of the vent (into the subfloor) so no flooring will be damaged. It also works great for ceiling vents as it can screw into the sheet metal of the vent opening.  Plus, screws are included!

Do you have more questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us using the chat option on the website or email us at customer.service@karymi.com.


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