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5 Ways to Have Backyard Fun This Summer (FREE Scavenger Hunt Printables Inside)

If you’re looking for ways to have backyard fun this summer, you’ve come to the right place. A lot has changed these past two years. We've been through lockdowns, quarantines, and travel restrictions. It’s been challenging and scary facing the results of a global pandemic, and unfortunately, the PTSD from the pandemic is quite real.  That coupled with the cost of living skyrocketing means many people will still be staying at home this summer.  And that's OK!

When you have children, being at home all the time can start to feel claustrophobic.  Plus, kids need stimulation and entertainment! Constant, never-ending entertainment (seriously!). Kids are filled with energy that they need to let out, so being stuck at home doesn't sound ideal during the summer, BUT – you’re about to get some back yard fun inspiration! 

No matter the reason why you want to find some outdoor summer activities to do close to home, you’ll find this list is filled with simple and fun things to do in your own backyard that you and your kids will love.

Your backyard can become a movie theatre, a water park, a warrior ninja obstacle course, and more! Their imaginations will go wild, and they won’t even complain about staying at home with these 5 ways to have backyard fun this summer!


#1 “Backyard Waterpark” DIY Slip N Slide

Backyard Water Slide

Summers are hot. The sun can be brutal, and your kids will want to go to the beach or pool to cool off. But if you don't have a pool or a lake nearby or you prefer to stay at home, there are other options to help beat the summer heat!

Turn your backyard into a water park this summer!  Your kids will love you for making this DIY slip n slide. Not only can you have fun making this with the kids, but the entire family will have a blast! Fatherly shows you exactly how to make a slip n slide in this article. This is an outdoor summer activity you won’t want to miss!


#2 DIY Obstacle Course for Backyard Fun This Summer!

Backyard Obstacle Course

You read that right! You can create a homemade obstacle course for a ton of summer fun! And you can even incorporate the slip n slide you made into the course. Handmade by HGTV has an awesome video showing you how to make a super cheap and super fun obstacle course for your backyard. All you need are a few dollar store items and a little bit of time to create some backyard fun this summer! Watch the video here, and have fun creating this backyard game with your little ones.


 #3 Have Backyard Fun This Summer with a Movie!

Backyard Movie Theatre

This is one of the greatest summer activities to do at home. Get your family together and head outside for a backyard movie night! Projectors are fairly inexpensive, and they can be used anywhere - like this one on Amazon.ca.  There are so many cute ways to organize this family backyard event; Discover new yummy movie snacks or make a large screen with a bedsheet.  The Spruce has a ton of adorable ideas in this article. So, pick a movie the whole family will enjoy – and head on out to the backyard for great summer family fun!


#4 Backyard Camping in Style

Backyard camping in style

Even if you’re able to travel this summer, you’re still going to want to try this next activity – camping in your backyard! Imagine, you can turn your backyard into your own private campground this summer. It’s simple, affordable, and fun! Because as easy as it is to sit our kids in front of a screen, we all know that too much screen time can have consequences. Instead, choose to entertain them in the backyard with a fun camping experience. Parent has great tips and tricks to make your backyard perfect for camping in this article. Make some smores, build a fire, go on a hike around the neighborhood, and enjoy some screen-free time with your family!

#5 Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Backyard scavenger hunt

This one will keep your family entertained, and leave them feeling accomplished! You can print a scavenger hunt for your children to do in the backyard that can keep them busy and entertained for hours! If you’re not familiar with scavenger hunts, this article from Very Well Family teaches you all about them and gives you some great ideas! But scavenger hunts are more than just fun – they can actually benefit your children! According to this article from the Institute for Educational Advancement, scavenger hunts are beneficial for kids by improving problem-solving skills, exercising the mind and body, and teaching teamwork! They can also be customized to your child’s interest making them a fun and enlightening outdoor summer activity for kids! To make things easy, you can grab these 100% free Scavenger Hunt Printables ready to print for you and your little ones to enjoy!

Your Backyard Fun This Summer Will Be Unforgettable

When your kiddos (or you) start to get stir crazy at home this summer, they can have a blast with their homemade slip n slide! Your athletic kids will enjoy creating and going through their very own backyard obstacle course. And your snuggle-loving kiddos will love the backyard movie nights with the family. You can create unforgettable memories with your family when you go camping in your backyard and have an outdoor adventure. Your kids will feel like detectives, learn to work as a team, and solve mysteries when they complete their summer scavenger hunt!

These summer activities are a great way to spark creativity! They give your little ones a fun challenge and entertainment to beat that boredom at home. They won’t feel bored at home anymore – and you won’t have to hear them complain (that alone is enough to try these activities!). Whatever you decide to do for backyard fun this summer – it will surely bring joy to the entire family!

If you’re ready to get started on some of these activities, feel free to grab one of the free Scavenger Hunt printables below! Your kids will love it!

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FREE Karymi Summer Scavenger Hunt Printables
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