How to childproof your floor vents: Are childproof vent covers the next big parenting hack? - GuardaVent by Karymi

How to childproof your floor vents: Are childproof vent covers the next big parenting hack?

Are childproof vent covers the next big parenting hack?  We’d like to think so!

If you want to know how to childproof vent covers without damaging your floors, then you’re probably dealing with a crawling baby or curious toddler. I’ve been there! Once babies start to crawl, its game over - and toddlers are just wild! Their ability to get into anything and everything is at a whole new level.  I’m certain you’ve probably battled a crawling baby or curious toddler over something they should never have gotten their hands on, and the less you have to do that, the better. They seriously know how to get into things – making parenting a lot more difficult during these early stages.

 Babyproof Childproof Floor Vent Covers/Registers - Fits 3"x10" and 4"x10" vent openings - GuardaVent by Karymi

I had this problem with my little ones and our floor vent covers. I still don’t understand what is so intriguing about floor vents?! But I was constantly having to pry their tiny (but ridiculously strong) hands off our vent covers – and then putting the vent covers back into place, only to have to go through the same battle later on which would often end in tears. Like parenting alone isn’t busy enough, right?

The struggle is real with these vent covers!

They aren’t toys and pose a real safety hazard when they aren’t in place. I know I’m not the only parent with this problem. It’s inevitable, when these precious babies become mobile, they will find a way to the vents and pull off the covers – exposing a dangerous opening full of sheet metal with sharp screws sticking out! Ugh! And don’t get started on how aggravating it is to have to dig into these to pull out whatever my toddler managed to shove in there (insert facepalm).

To make matters worse, babies and toddlers just LOVE to put everything they can get their hands on in their mouth! And according to this Healthline article, babies wanting to taste everything is actually a normal part of baby development and learning! Although this stage of eating everything in sight is normal, it can be dangerous. This is why it’s so important to have childproof vent covers, and knowing how to childproof vent covers without causing floor damage is a plus! So, let’s find out how…

Introducing: Guardavent

childproof vent cover

As a parent of two young kids, I searched long and hard for an easy-to-use product that would childproof my floor vent covers. All I could find were DIY projects on how to make the current floor vents childproof. The closest thing I could find to a childproof vent cover was the kind that is meant for ceilings, but using those meant that I would have to damage my floors. These options just didn’t work for me.  This was in 2019 and I just thought HOW was there no way to childproof the floor vent covers without ruining my floors or forcing me to go to the store to get a long list of supplies!  I knew I wasn’t the only one with this problem, so I invented GuardaVent. GuardaVent childproof vent covers are your easiest solution to childproof the floor vent covers without causing floor damage, and it comes with everything you need delivered right to your door.

GuardaVent secures to the sub-floor (inside the vent) which means you don’t have to screw holes onto the top of your floor! Unlike traditional vent covers, the top of GuardaVent covers open and close on a hinge - which is how you can secure them on the inside, and lets you have easy access for cleaning or repairs. This design makes it easy to install into your subfloor to keep your floors intact where it matters the most – and even more importantly, when the lid is closed there are two small tabs that lock in place - this keeps your little ones from being able to open them, and keeps them safe from those open air vents.

Childproof Floor Registers Designed for Child Safety

GuardaVent was designed with child safety top of mind, but with convenience and functionality close behind. The covers have two clips that lock in place to secure it when the cover is down. The tabs are small, and there are two so that your kid’s adorable (but mischievous) little hands will not be able to maneuver the tabs to pull the lid up. Those little stinkers are too uncoordinated to open up these bad boys! If the vents need to be accessed for cleaning/maintenance, an adult with good hand-eye coordination and mature finger dexterity is able to simultaneously pull on both tabs and lift the lid up to get in.

The vent grill (or louver) slides to adjust the airflow – just like any other vent cover you can buy today, but with the added bonus of being secured to the floor! You aren’t missing out or sacrificing anything when switching to GuardaVent. You never worry about your child’s safety when it comes to your floor vents again! It’s amazing to have a product that isn’t just childproof, but functional – and doesn’t force you to ruin your floor. You’re welcome ;)

Babyproof Childproof Floor Vent Covers/Registers - Fits 3"x10" and 4"x10" vent openings - GuardaVent by Karymi

Easy to Install Childproof Vent Covers

GuardaVent covers are super easy to install and ready to use immediately! Each cover comes with two self-tapping screws that can easily drill through sheet metal and wood or particle board that is your sub-floor. You can watch the installation video and see for yourself!  We always attach a sticker with a scannable QR code that you can scan with your phone to view the installation video too.

I’m over here making things so much easier because parenting is hard enough, and childproofing shouldn’t be.

Watch the installation video here

There IS a Better Way to Childproof Your Floor Vents

It’s so wonderful that now you can childproof your vent covers quickly and easily without damaging any flooring with GuardaVent! Open air vents can be very hazardous to children, so being able to protect your child during the developmental stage of wanting to touch and eat everything is very important! And now you can do this without being forced to damage your floors. 

Likewise, it can be very hazardous to your home to have your children dropping toys and other items inside your air vents. Now, you don’t have to worry about that. GuardaVent provides you with peace of mind. This is why GuardaVent can make a huge difference in your home. 

I know you’re ready to try this new parent hack that will childproof the vent covers in your house!

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A Message from Michele McCrea, the Inventor/Creator of GuardaVent and Owner of Karymi Company Ltd.

I have BIG dreams for Karymi Company & GuardaVent.  My dream is that homes will be built with GuardaVent already installed so that home owners everywhere can rest easy knowing children and pets are safe from those dangerous vents. I'm also working hard on expanding my reach so that more families can benefit from having childproof vent covers, and would love for them to be available in retail stores one day! Thank you for your continued support as GuardaVent grows to protect more children and homes across the world.

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