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Ultimate Baby Proofing Checklist - 10 Must-Have Items That Keep Babies & Toddlers Safe, Including Childproof Vent Covers

This ultimate baby proofing checklist is a must-have for any new parent. And if you’re here, chances are you have or will have a new baby in your life and you know that kids can get into everything! You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how in the world you’re supposed to keep that precious baby safe because you see danger around every corner of your house – from sharp edges of furniture to the electrical outlets on every wall - there are so many potential hazards! Get our FREE childproofing planner & checklist HERE.

Having a baby is overwhelming as it is, and thinking about all the things that your little one can get into can be stressful. That’s why I’ve created the ultimate baby proofing checklist for you! These are the top 10 ways to baby-proof your home so that you can find some peace of mind and keep your bundle of joy will be safe at home. After you get these covered, you won’t need to worry so much, although your job as a parent is really never done.

1. Baby Proof Door Knob Covers

doorknob covers

One of the most important things you will need to baby-proof is your doors. Because babies have no sense of safety, there’s a chance they can not only escape their crib in the middle of the night and wreak havoc around the house – but imagining them actually getting out of the house is TERRIFYING! That’s why you need to baby-proof the doors in your home. There are many different doorknob covers and locks you can use to keep their curious little fingers from opening doors and closets. Parent.Guide has great recommendations on how to baby-proof the different types of doors in your home in this guide. So, make sure you get the right product to cover those doorknobs so you can sleep through the night (kind of) knowing your baby isn’t going anywhere!



2. Baby Proof Electrical Outlets (super important on this ultimate baby proofing checklist!)

outlet covers

As if the idea of your baby getting out of the house isn’t scary enough, this next one is even worse! The LAST thing you want to ever happen is your little one sticking their fingers or toys in the electrical outlets! This is a serious danger in any home that needs to be addressed ASAP after babies become mobile. Outlet covers have come a long way and you can now get covers for used and unused outlets in your home. You can buy sets of them that are affordable and easy to install. Shop our links below to get some delivered to your house ASAP – simply plug the outlet cover into the unused outlet, and you’re good to go. Now your home is a whole lot safer for your little crawler.



3. Baby Proof Drawers and Cabinets (and anything else they can open)

Drawer Locks

To avoid unnecessary tears, make sure you keep your baby’s tiny and adorable fingers out of those drawers and cabinets! Besides the finger pinches, you don’t want them to find your best cutting knife or favorite wine glass (oh the dangers!). And don’t forget about baby-proofing other things they can open – for example, the toilet! You don’t want baby going in head first into your toilet bowl!  Also, to avoid inconvenient messes you can even put a lock on the fridge! It’s definitely a lot to think about, but when you make sure you’ve got all these things covered ahead of time, it will save you a lot of grief!


4. Baby Proof Your Kitchen with Stove Knob Covers

stove knob covers

Now that you’ve got your drawers and cabinets secured, there is another, often missed, danger in the kitchen you can protect your baby from...your stove! You might have a natural-born chef that wants to start cooking in your kitchen the moment they can reach those stove knobs – so make sure you secure them! Depending on your stove of course you may not need to do this until they are much taller or climbing on counters, but - you don’t want them burning themselves or worse...unknowingly turning on a gas stove! Stoves can be seriously dangerous so make sure you secure them. You can find them on amazon in a few different kinds so no matter what kind of stove you have, you will be sure to find something that works!

5. Corner Guards and Edge Bumpers for Baby Proofing

corner guards

Babies and toddlers are universally not steady on their feet! Once they start crawling and walking, they will start bumping into everything. So if you’ve got any edges or corners of furniture in your home – you can guarantee that babies are going to bump one or more of their body parts on it on it (insert facepalm). They are so cute when they start to explore everything, but -wow- can they be clumsy! Protecting them from all the corners and edges in your home will allow your baby to go on a home exploration without constantly getting hurt. This video from That Lovely Feeling teaches you how to use pool noodles to baby-proof those corners and edges if you wanna DIY this step – otherwise, you can find many products for this in stores or online!

6. Nightlights for Baby (and You)


A nightlight is another must-have on your ultimate baby-proofing checklist that can often be forgot. When your baby inevitably wakes up in the middle of the night for a diaper change, feeding, or for no apparent reason at all (most common reason) – the last thing you’ll want to do is stub a toe on something in the pitch dark. And you DO NOT under any circumstances want to turn the bright light on and destroy any bit of sleepiness your baby had! With a night light, you can feed, soothe, change your baby’s diaper, or whatever you need to do without completely waking them up – and without tripping on something in the dark. Here is a list from Mom Loves Best on great nightlights you can get. You’re welcome.

7. Anti-tip Furniture Kits (Another Very Important Item on the Ultimate Baby Proofing Checklist)

anti tip straps

Once your baby starts crawling, the very next thing they will try to do is start to stand up. And guess what babies LOVE to hold onto in order to get themselves vertical? You guessed it...furniture! Accoring to this article by Anchorit.gov, “in the United States, 469 children died from furniture, TV, and appliance tip-over incidents between 2000 and 2019. Between 2017 and 2019, an estimated 11,300 children were treated in hospital emergency rooms yearly due to furniture, TV, and appliance tip-overs”.  So, if your furniture isn’t secured to the wall or strapped down somehow – your little one might very well tip the furniture on themselves! Also, most toddlers actually think they’re monkeys and will climb on any and all furniture! They are little stinkers, but you gotta love them and it’s your job to keep them safe! You can find some good anti-tip kits in this list from BabyList.

8. Baby Gates


Pro-tip – baby gates can be used for more than just blocking off stairs!  There might be a room in your house you simply don’t want your baby in.  You might choose to keep the baby out of the kitchen completely instead of baby-proofing it, or you might want to create a safe space within a room that you find yourself and the baby always occupying.  That’s why you’ll need a baby gate (or three!). Depending on the layout of your home, you may need to keep a baby gate at the top of the stairs and the bottom! If you bring the baby upstairs, you’ll want to protect them from falling down the stairs. And if the baby is downstairs, you’ll want to protect them from crawling up the stairs and getting hurt. Fact is, no matter where you live, you will probably need a baby gate – so here’s a list from What to Expect for you to choose from.

9. Baby Proofing Windows

window stoppers

Your windows are another potential a danger to your little ones. You definitely don’t want your toddler crawling out of a window! I’ve actually heard of this happening to more than one person I know – a child was leaning out of the window, pressing on the screen and they screen gave way! Luckily in those instances there were only minor injuries, but why take any chances.  Lucie’s List has great information in this article on why you need to baby-proof your windows – and the different types of window stops that will help you secure them.  Even at number 9, this is definitely one of the ultimate baby-proofing checklist items you don’t want to skip! 

10. Baby Proof Floor Vent Covers (Now That They are a Thing)

This is one of the coolest items on this ultimate baby proofing checklist!

Childproof vent cover

Last but not least, you’ll want to baby-proof your floor vents. Babies can easily get their hands onto those traditional vent covers, and pull them right out.  When they come out, it not only leaves a large hole in your floor causing a tripping hazard, your baby may also find screws, exposed wood and sheet metal that they can get injured by. You also don’t want your baby throwing toys in there and messing up your HVAC system which can be super expensive to fix.

Luckily, now you can buy GuardaVent childproof floor vent covers to keep your baby out of those vents. Plus, you don’t have to damage your floors to install GuardaVent covers in your home – which is a big bonus since you still want to keep your floors beautiful while protecting your little ones. You can get GuardaVent covers here. And keep your baby out of those vents for good! 

Check out how easy to use GuardaVent Covers are in this video!

Now You’ve Got the Ultimate Baby Proofing Checklist!

It’s important to take baby proofing seriously! These 10 ultimate baby proofing checklist items will help keep your baby safe from the dangers in your home. There are many other things you can do in addition to this checklist, but it’s really up to the individual parent to know their kids and choose what’s best for their family.  For example, you may want to put away any breakable items that are within reach, keep things off the floor that aren’t safe, tuck away your electrical cords, and curtain cords as well. Or, you may want to teach some self control and just be there to steer your baby away from some things.  We don’t judge here at Karymi!  To make things easier for you, you’ll soon be able to purchase baby proofing kits right here in our store! Make sure to subscribe here to stay in the loop and get your very own GuardaVent covers ordered today.

We want to help you feel at ease knowing that your home is secure for your precious baby, and maybe you can find time to enjoy a full cup of coffee or a bathroom break without an audience!

To lighten your load even more you can get a copy of our FREE childproofing planner & checklist here!

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